Michelle Obama had lunch in Puerto Portals last summer. | Julian Aguirre


Michelle Obama, a not infrequent visitor to Mallorca, arrived at Palma Airport on Thursday night. Extensive security for the former first lady had led to speculation that Barack Obama would also be coming to Mallorca, but this doesn't appear to be the case.

Her entourage headed for the Vinagrella estate in Llubi, owned by her good friends the former US ambassador to Spain, James Costos, and his partner, the designer Michael S. Smith.

Eric Schmidt arriving in Mallorca
Eric Schmidt arriving in Mallorca. Photo: Julian Aguirre.
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A large party will be held at the estate on Saturday night. More than one hundred guests will include Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, and the film director George Lucas.

On Friday night, a number of the party guests had dinner at the Cap Rocat Hotel in Llucmajor.