Summer is here and that means that for the best part of two months nearly every night, a fiesta, concert or event of some kind is being staged in villages across the island.

But, why do the local authorities appear to love keeping these fiestas to themselves?

Everybody knows that Majorca has beaches, some of the best in the world, beautiful coves for sailors and great mountains for hiking and other sporting activities, but why do the authorities responsible, from the local councils to the Ministry for Tourism, not promote the island’s rich calendar of summer fiestas overseas and in all its promotional packages rolled out at travel fairs and during roadshows around the world?

Many of these fiestas are like no others in Europe and are rich in history. A fiesta route could be devised, for example, involving hotels and restaurants etc. and promoted offering a real alternative tourism attraction to the global market. And it would be quite cheap to launch.


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David Rowe / Hace over 6 years

We've been coming out in early January for two weeks for the last 10 years or so and really enjoy the island. We stay in Palma and rent a car and take in Three Kings, San Antonio and San Sebastian plus fabulous walks in the mountains and other parts of the island. Our only problem is having to travel to an airport some distance from home due to lack of flights from regional airports. It may not be stretching out on the beach weather all day but compared to UK it's great to be in shirt sleeves most of the time, with an extra 2 hours of daylight.


Murdo Armstrong / Hace over 6 years

"But, why do the local authorities appear to love keeping these fiestas to themselves?"

Perhaps because they are "local festivals for local people". Every year in each of the villages there are one or two festivals. They are lovely friendly affairs. Shows put on by the locals and watched by their friends and familys. The bars packed with the local farmers and the younger generation who have perhaps moved away but come back every year for the summer or winter festivals or even both. Kids playing in the streets unsupervised but watched by everyone because they are basically known to everyone. Do we really want to take this away from the villages and claim it for tourism. They were never intended to be a tourist attraction, just a local event organised by the locals who will welcome with open arms new-comers and the occasional tourist who wanders in bewildered. For me IB3 has already done too much to promote these events so no I don't support the move.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

January in Majorca when it likely to be cold,snowing or pouring down with rain or Tenerife in January for the Three Kings,New Year's Eve,with the fantastic firework displays,blue skies and sunshine, fantastic scenery,great beaches, temperatures normally 20c plus,it's a hard choice,but I think it's Tenerife for me.


Andrew Ede / Hace over 6 years

Thank you for your comment re what's on information on the website, Mike. As the website is currently in "beta" mode, not all elements are yet available, one of which will be comprehensive what's on information. Quite a bit of this does tend to be last minute because it isn't made available until close to the time that fiestas (and other events) occur. So, while one is aware of the fiesta, the actual programme is a different matter. Nevertheless, it is an excellent suggestion to put up an annual schedule of fiestas, fairs and so on. We have done this in the printed form, but it will prove to be of immense value online. Thanks once again.


Lisa Simpson / Hace over 6 years

I hope you don't mean bus loads of tourists landing in the middle of local village fiestas? Townhalls budget to put on their fiestas for the villagers, that is the object. Villages have an influx on the night of the local verbena and that is enough, there are quite a few of them trying to reduce the numbers because of the havoc these create, and that is without added tourism.. This adds to the local budget. Local fiestas are not shows put on to entertain the tourist. Anyone is welcome to join in but to open it up to masses is not why they are organised. Keep village fiestas as they are, they are not for sale.


Mike Richards / Hace over 6 years

It would help your cause immensely if The Bulletin itself promoted Mallorqui fiestas - particularly on-line.

The publication of "What's On" events in the printed version leaves some would-be attendees with as little as a few hours notice.

You know well in advance where and when the major festivals take place. At the very least, allowing tourists to plan their holiday itinerary before they arrive would be of enormous benefit to the event organisers.

Your new website is an ideal place to launch your own, permanent, calendar of major established fiestas. Get on it.


Alan Cook / Hace over 6 years

Why limit it to summer fiestas?????? Surely it's winter tourism we are after and the wealth of Winter fiestas should be part of the promotional package....3 kings, Sant Antonio, Sant Sebastian all in January for example