Summer is here and that means that for the best part of two months nearly every night, a fiesta, concert or event of some kind is being staged in villages across the island.

But, why do the local authorities appear to love keeping these fiestas to themselves?

Everybody knows that Majorca has beaches, some of the best in the world, beautiful coves for sailors and great mountains for hiking and other sporting activities, but why do the authorities responsible, from the local councils to the Ministry for Tourism, not promote the island’s rich calendar of summer fiestas overseas and in all its promotional packages rolled out at travel fairs and during roadshows around the world?

Many of these fiestas are like no others in Europe and are rich in history. A fiesta route could be devised, for example, involving hotels and restaurants etc. and promoted offering a real alternative tourism attraction to the global market. And it would be quite cheap to launch.