The new left-wing coalition has not wasted any time in bringing in new taxes. I know the Balearics continues to get shortchanged by Madrid when it comes to public funding, and that most of the general public and even the opposition Partido Popular back the current government’s determined drive to secure fairer funding from central government. However, in the meantime, the coalition, although without the full blessing of the anti-austerity party Podemos, has introduced six new taxes and will be bringing in the controversial tourist tax next year.

Overseas, the tourist tax has not gone down well with the tourist industry, and here at home, new taxes are not going to set the electorate alight. New taxes equal fewer votes and, with Spain’s economy slowing down and many seriously questioning if its recovery really is as good as the politicians are trying to make out, the left-wing regional governments introducing new levies around the country could be playing into the hands of the Partido Popular come the general election.