Majorca is very much an international island and now it has a very international football club. The president is German, the new owner is American and the chief executive is Swiss. Real Mallorca has always been the standard bearer for all that is Majorcan, and one local British fan once told me that he didn’t believe that foreigners were welcome at Mallorca. Well they are certainly welcome now. The new era which got underway yesterday should be welcomed by all. New owner Robert Sarver has already spent 20 million euros in buying a controlling stake in the club and more money could be forthcoming for new players. Former German owner Utz Claassen had big ideas and dreams for Mallorca. There was even talk of a new stadium. However, a lack of cash meant that these projects had to be placed on the back-burner. But the new investment will change things for the better. Sarver, who leads a consortium which has bought the club, says that he wants to make Real Mallorca into a worldwide brand. He will use his experience as the owner of the NBA team Phoenix Suns to turn Mallorca into a key player. Now, as a foreigner living on Majorca I believe that this is fantastic news both for the island and the football club. But there may be some Mallorca fans who object to their club being owned by foreigners. They shouldn’t be concerned, the new owner has a wealth of experience and wealth is also the keyword.