THE Spanish have a rather good expression, “no pasa nada”, which basically means don’t worry about a thing. At present, Spain is not going through its finest hour: the country doesn’t have a government after the stalemate following last month’s general election; the King’s sister went on trial in Palma on Monday; Catalonia, one of the richest regions in the country, is pushing for independence; and the economy continues to suffer. But you don’t get the impression that the average Majorcan is too concerned. “No pasa nada!” The talk in the bars is still of football, and live TV coverage of the trial of the Princess Cristina didn’t really hasn't attracted much attention. Can you imagine if Britain was in the same boat. You can imagine the headlines: “Will the last person to leave Britain please turn the light off”; the “Shame of Britain”, etc. But Spain is different and it is a very good thing and perhaps one of the reasons why I live here. No one appears too concerned about anything, well apart from their daily lives. The fact that Spain doesn’t have a government and there isn’t much chance that it will have one soon either is not causing Majorcans to lose any sleep, or so it appears. In my local bar yesterday all the talk was about Real Mallorca’s weekend defeat under the new owners. I think someone mentioned the princess but the comment failed to get much reaction. Enjoy life and be happy, not a bad way to go through life in these difficult times.