If Britain pulls out of the European Union, the people who will be directly affected will be us, expats living on the European continent. Why? Because we could lose many of the benefits we enjoy at the moment which range from not needing a work permit to discounted travel to the mainland and around the islands. I say "could" because it is still unclear, but in the worst-case scenario that Britain leaves the European Union and decides to tear up many of the European treaties it originally signed, then our lives in Spain will be significantly changed. But has anyone in the British government actually thought of this? Will the opinions and views of expats be taken into account? I sincerely doubt it. British expats will be able to vote in the referendum but only if they have lived outside Britain for under 15 years. I would say that all British expats should be given the vote because after all it is a major decision which could change Britain dramatically. It is another classic example of British expats being discriminated against simply because they do not live in Britain. I suspect that many Britons would consider taking up Spanish nationality if Britain did leave the European Union and they were faced with having to secure a work permit. There are many dangers from a British pullout of the European Union. I do not think it is a good idea but my view is not wanted by the British government because I have lived outside Britain for more than 15 years. A big shame.


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Anne Kay / Hace over 5 years

What you say is true but at least the people who work here would continue to receive the Spanish national health services. But what about the retired people. They would no longer have that possibility. Before Spain entered the E.U. the British retirees paid an amount which entitle them to be registered with the local doctor and therefore receive the medication and also go to specialists and to hospital. This of course was no longer charged once Spain entered the E.U. But what would happen if Britain leaves. How many elderly people would pass the "language test" that also exists here now if you want to take out Spanish nationality? Sad times.