Can you remember the last time it rained in Majorca? Now, I am not complaining, this fantastic winter weather is simply incredible, but I am getting slightly concerned. The lack of rain is obviously bad news for farmers and it could mean that there are water problems this summer. To put the problem in a nutshell, if we were living in Britain a hose-pipe ban would have been introduced by now, and I am sure the more popular press would have found someone who is stockpiling bottled water. But thankfully we are living in Spain and the talk is of the fantastic weather not the shortage of rain. If this weather pattern continues then I think you can safely say that Majorca no longer has a winter just an extended autumn and then spring/summer. Perhaps the debate over winter tourism will end: for the simple reason that we no longer have a winter. But anyone who thinks that Majorca is not an all-year-round holiday destination should move to wetter climes.