A small piece of history will be made later this month when Jet2 starts bringing winter tourists to Majorca. The British tour firm and airline is promoting Palma as a weekend-break holiday destination during the winter months, proving what we have all known for years, that Palma is an all-year-round holiday destination. In this space I have been underlining Palma´s great potential as a low-season destination for many years and I must admit that I am over the moon that it is finally happening. Today, I had a meeting with Jet2 representatives and I underlined the fact that there were plenty of events happening on the island during the low season. Jet2´s move could be a real turning point for Majorca´s fortunes. It could be the start of something very special, with the island having a vibrant winter tourism programme which will safeguard many jobs. It is a small start but the programme will grow as we move into spring. What is important, though, is as many shops as possible open on a Sunday because we are talking weekend-break tourists. The days of restaurants and shops closing down at the weekend should come to an end as Majorca aims to become a 365-day holiday destination. Many people will remember that tour firms operated a winter programme to the island. Sadly, it was cancelled years ago. Once again we have a winter holiday programme. Let's help make it a success.