I don't know if past Balearic presidents took their lead from US presidents but it always struck me that they were rather over-protected. The Balearic president would have at least two security officers with him and he travelled in a vehicle which was specially protected. Yes, we are talking about the regional leader of the Balearic Islands not the president of the United States. So it was quite refreshing this week when I spotted the current Balearic president, Francina Armengol, walking to her office in the centre of Palma. There was not a security guard in sight and basically she looked like any other local resident on her way to work. It appears that Armengol has scaled back on security and if she can walk rather than taking the official car, then so much the better. Full marks to her. I wish other local politicians would take note. The Balearic president should have an official vehicle but all the others should walk, take the bus or get on their bike. They should be setting an example.