So, the Balearic president, Francina Armengol, can´t guarntee the water supply for this summer after months of drought. Well thank you for your honesty but please resolve the situation. I am not asking our president to do some sort of rain dance and hope that the heavens will open, but I would like to see her take some action to ensure that the local population and the millions of visiting tourists have an adequate water supply. We have desalination plants and there is the possibility of shipping water from the mainland. It has been done before, and successfully so. The clock is ticking and the water situation is not getting any better. News that there were concerns over the water siuation spread across Europe like a tsunami yesterday, so it is not just the local population which is looking to the Balearic government to take action: millions of tourists are in the same boat. What the Balearic government has to realise is that these days a comment which is made in Palma can quickly spread to nothern Europe. The Balearic government should be considering drawing up an action plan. The first step should be a water-saving plan, secondly hose-pipe bans in different areas and if these two are not successful then water will have to be shipped from the mainland. Majorca is on course for a record holiday season and the last thing that the island needs is bad publicity in the principal holiday countries because of the water situation.