Not having a government is one thing but to have the two would-be prime ministers behaving like children is another. On Friday evening “acting” Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy met with Socialist leader, Pedro Sanchez, to discuss matters of State. Sanchez is being tipped as the new prime minister providing that he can get support for his coalition government. Now, these two men are probably the most powerful people in Spain and came together to discuss the best interests of Spain. But there was no handshake when they met. The message from Sanchez and Rajoy was that they do not like each other and therefore a hand shake was not needed in front of the cameras. Sanchez later admitted that they had shaken hands before the meeting but not when photographers were absent. Grow up please. There are four million people without a job in Spain, the economy is not in the clear yet and the two would-be leaders of the country are behaving like small children. Not good!