When The Sunday Times named Palma as the best place to live in the world many city residents were obviously very proud but others were quick to point out some of its faults. Now Palma doesn't have many faults really. It is a fantastic place with much life and vitality. But one of my main complaints is that Palma is becoming rather unSpanish. What do I mean by this? That small family-owned shops are disappearing fast to be replaced by big international brands, the majority of restaurants appear to concentrate on non-Spanish food and Italian-style expresso coffee shops are replacing the traditional cafes of old? Is this really a problem? Of course not. Times change and Palma is just a reflection of this state of affairs. But the big mainland Spanish cities still maintain their Spanishness. Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are big tourist cities but you know that you are in Spain. There are reminders everywhere. Sometimes in Palma you could be anywhere. It has become an international city. I would say that it should be the job of the Palma City Council to try and encourage local restaurants to serve more local and Spanish food. If I come on holiday to Majorca, I want to taste the local cuisine not one which is made in Italy, the USA, France or even Germany. I want a cortado not an expresso; I want an ensaimada not a croissant! Small complaints about our capital city which by no way affect its best in the world tag.