The pound sterling tumbled on the foreign exchange markets today, meaning that British pensioners and all those who receive an income in sterling living in Majorca will now receive less cash. It is just another clear example of how decisions taken in Britain affect the day-to-day lives of British expats living in Majorca. Just because British citizens live outside Britain doesn´t mean that their lives are completely unaffacted by British decisions. Unfortunately, expats in Britain are not very popular and British public opinion appears to say that they should not receive any benefits solely because they live outside the United Kingdom. Well, I am going to swim against the tide of public opinion. The majority of expats have paid into the British state for many years and therefore should be entitled to benefits such as the state pension, such as cold weather payments and of course they should be able to vote in British elections and referendums for life not just for 15 years. The fact that British expats living in Majorca can´t vote in the forthcoming referendum is an outrage. A stupid decision based on public opinion in Britain which suggests that because we live outside the United Kingdom we should give up all our rights. Other nations such as France and the United States look after their expats, Britain treats us as second-class citizens.  The referendum vote snub is just another example. I thought that British state was meant to protect British citizens.