Speaking on behalf of many British expats or immigrants living and working in Spain I do feel it is disgraceful at some attitudes in Britain towards us. I didn't realise that when we left Dover to settle in a new country within the European Union that I should burn my passport and other documents which prove that I am a British national. I bet my late father would have been over the moon at some of the attitudes towards British residents in Spain when he brought my family over here after 40 years of paying into the British state and six years of active service in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. You see, just because we live in a foreign land doesn't mean that we should surrender our rights as British citizens. What people must remember is that British citizens have been working and living abroad for centuries. This discussion over whether or not all British residents in Spain should have the vote in the forthcoming European referendum has opened up a can of worms and has once again underlined the fact that there is little sympathy for Britons living overseas from their fellow countrymen and women in Britain. Now obviously, we should all be able to vote especially in a referendum of such importance and relevance as the European Union. The present voting rights for Britons overseas are a disgrace. We may live in the sun but we are all still British. If there are those who don't like it, well it is just tough luck.