For once I agree with former prime minister Tony Blair: there isn't much passion in the debate or the speeches over the European Union. In fact, David Cameron appears to be campaigning on the risks of leaving rather than the positives of staying. There are many positive reasons for remaining in the European Union from trade to the Europe-wide arrest warrant. But I would say that one of the most special things is that you are part of a club with your neighbours for the common good of your area. Now, I also agree with Blair when he says that Britain will vote to stay with a slim majority. But unfortunately, this will not be the end of the matter. The diehard anti-European Union lobby will continue their fight to the very end. It is rather sad that this referendum will not settle anything. Just underline the fact that Britain is a divided nation when it comes to Europe. It will also open up some rather big divides within the Conservative Party which will be difficult to heal.