If Britain does leave the European Union in June, there could be some good news. It could mean the return of the old-style residence card which is also photographic identification. The days of the so-called useless green certificate could be numbered because this document is limited to citizens of the European Union. But obviously there is some bad news as well. Obtaining a non-EU citizen residence permit is not as a simple as getting the green certificate. But that is another story. Anyone who believes that our lives in the European Union will be unaffected if Britain leaves are living in a fantasy world. Yes, the people who will be the most affected by a British exit are the hundreds of thousands of expats who live within the European Union. A British exit will leave us in a state of turmoil until new agreements are signed. And that is the truth. We may find that our status changes and will have our cherished residence ID card again but the cost will be high.