The arrest of a suspected "ISIS collaborator" in the centre of Palma brings two important issues home. Firstly, the Spanish security services are working hard to neutralise any domestic threat or that to any other European states and secondly, we sadly cannot take our own safety for granted anymore, wherever we may live in Europe or the rest of the world.

However, we can rest easy in the knowledge that the security services in Majorca and Spain are on top of the situation and are regularly arresting potential suspects as they work in close cooperation with neighbouring states in the global war against terror.
There have been reports in the British and German media that Spain faces a clear and present danger this summer, but the security services are on level four alert and are no strangers to fighting terrorism. Spain has had a domestic battle against ETA, and other international organisations, for decades - they are certainly not short of experience.

Tens of thousands of holidaymakers are coming to the Balearics and Spain this year because of the insecurity and threat of terrorism in other competing destinations and, despite or perhaps because of yesterday’s arrest, there is no need for anyone to be deterred from coming to Spain.

Everything is being done to ensure the maximum level of security, not only for visitors but also for the local population.