We all have a role to play in the current war against terrorism, like it or not, because it has come closer to our front doors than ever before.
We cannot let them win, we cannot let them dictate how we go about our lives.
What we can do, however, is be more aware, observant and willing to help and contact the security services.
Over the years and my travels, I have been held at gunpoint at checkpoints in Nigeria during numerous military coups and flew to Australia three weeks after the 9/11 attacks on New York, not to mention being caught up in a number IRA scares and bombs while working in London.
However, at no point did any of these events make me, or my partner, think about moving, travelling again or returning to any of those destinations, or going to any other for that matter.
Tunisia, for example, is a country I love, have visited many times and cannot wait to return to. I would return to Nigeria at the drop of a hat - last time I did, it was gunpoints at checkpoints again.
We know that the security forces across the world are working in close cooperation to keep us safe, but how they are going about it? We do not know and I personally really do not care as long as they are successful.
So in the meantime, we should go about our daily business as usual, support the security services when we can and live life to the full.