If you have lived outside Britain for more than 15 years you have few rights. There are two polls I would like to vote in: the British referendum on European Union membership and of course the Spanish election (Part 2). I can´t vote in either. Much is being made in Britain of our rights as European Union citizens but this doesn´t extend to the vote in general elections in the European state that you call home. And of course we all know that we can´t vote in the European Union referendum because of some antiquated law which even the British government says is not fit for purpose. Expats who have lived outside Britain for more than 15 years can vote in the Majorca municipal elections and the European elections but that is the end of the story. This is a scandalous state of affairs. If you have been resident in Spain for more than 15 years, then you should be able to vote in the Spanish general election. I am sorry I think not being able to vote in such a big event is a clear act of discrimination of the worst kind. We pay our taxes in Spain, have lived in Spain for a sizeable period of time, then we should get the vote. At the moment it is not a question of having your cake and eating it, it is a case of having no cake at all. Perhaps the European Union could have a say. European Union citizens living in another member state should be able to vote in the country where they live and surrender their vote in their country of origin. At least it would be democratic.