I have always found it rather odd that Majorca has three police forces ... the Guardia Civil, the National Police and the local police. It must make policing rather difficult because obviously they all have their own powers and of course their borders of responsibility. The fact that relations between the local police and the National Police in one of the island’s principal resorts are poor clearly underlines the fact that a new policy plan is needed. The three forces need to work together as one unit and not three. Co-operation needs to be first class.

The fraught relations between the local and National Police in Playa de Palma are starting to cause concern. In fact at a meeting this week in Palma the poor relations between the two forces were evident for all to see. Playa de Palma has a whole series of problems and basically it is home to all three police forces. Why not establish a single command which could take responsibility for policing the resorts of Ca’n Pastilla and Arenal? This three-force task force would be far more efficient than the three different forces who are operating there at the moment.

It makes sense to me and I am sure that it would make sense to the thousands of tourists who visit Playa de Palma every year. Local residents and tourists alike want to feel protected. I am sure that they care little whether their safety is in the hands of three forces or just the one. The time has come for the introduction of a new policy plan.