The move by Jet2 to limit the sale of alcohol on their flights is certainly a step in the right direction and I would urge other carriers to follow their lead. For too long now passengers have had their flight to the island spoilt by a small group of people who insist on drinking excessively before and during the flight. The problem has become so serious that I know some people who refuse to travel during the summer months because they do not want their flight back to Britain ruined by bad behaviour from a small group of passengers.

I know that it is holiday time but there is no excuse for bad behaviour. I am always amazed when I go to a British airport that the bars are packed even in the early hours of the morning. Tough action needs to be taken to curb the antics of a few who ruin the holiday flight experience for many. I also believe that the sale of duty-free alcohol should be tackled. Passengers on flights should not be allowed to open their duty-free purchases whilst they are still on the aircraft. I know airlines operate a zero-tolerance policy with badly behaved passengers, but the time has come for even more action to ensure that everyone can enjoy their flight without having to worry. A clear message is needed telling everyone that bad behaviour will no longer be tolerated. Holiday time doesn't mean that you should ruin the fun for others. Enjoy your holiday but respect others.


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daver / Hace over 5 years

This has been commented on alot, on social media and TA. I don't drink at the airport but I do enjoy a glass or two of white wine on board. If an individual wishes to get drunk then they will. The fault lies at the gate and staff training. Honest travellers should not be discriminated against for the sake of the few.


S / Hace over 5 years

S. / Hace 1 day I totally agree your editorial today. Well Done Jet 2. It is a start to stop drunks on Aircraft .I hope the other Carriers follow their example. Emergency Landing Fees start at £5,000.00. Recently a Stag/Hen party had to pay £12,000.00 and pay another Carrier to return them to the UK.. Breathalyzers, and Drug Testers, should be applied before boarding. Alcohol is the worst drink to take when flying. People can go crazy as they dehydrate, on take off, and landing. Putting everyone at risk of causing the Aircraft to crash. E.G. Opening the Door.They would put all the passengers at risk in an Aircraft Emergency.. Discipline, Respect and Manners no longer apply to the British people. Children run amok on Flights today. Parents have no control. Drunks would and can cause riotous behavior before,,during and on landing today.


Malcolm Smith / Hace over 5 years

Many tour company aircraft operators,mentioning no names, appear to push the drinks,at extortionate prices, throughout the flight. Last year my wife & I flew for the first time on Volotea,a Spanish airline. The drinks trolley was pushed along the aisle once which was quite sufficient on a two hour flight,although this year our drinks will cost us more, as we have to pay in €uros.