Before we get too carried away calling for a ceiling on the number of tourist places, it must be remembered that this year is slightly different than previous seasons. Yes, we have more tourists because of the security concerns about north Africa and resorts in the eastern Mediterranean. So it could be argued that we will never have a season like this one again. Also, the drop in the value of the pound must be taken into account. If British tourists have limited spending power, then they may consider a holiday at home rather than abroad next season.

As I said in this space earlier this week, we should welcome the fact that we are enjoying a record summer season as regards visitor numbers (I am still not convinced by their spending power). Majorca should be celebrating the fact that there are additional tourists this year. If we make a good impression they might elect to come back next year. But, we should be careful. Everyone should be made to feel welcome.


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Malcolm Smith / Hace over 5 years

Yes,my wife and I stay all inc. in Palmanova and have done so for the last 8 or 9 years. Please trust me, but we do eat and drink out and make purchases locally. I assure you that we do pay in to the local economy.


daver / Hace over 5 years

I couldn't agree more S. Although I agree that A/I has its place in Mallorca, I'm also afraid that its taking over. Each year another hotel offers an A/I option or changes to adult only A/I. There is an urgent need for resorts to regulate these even more now. Offer better tourist tax reductions to families on SC holidays or even waiver it. More money to spend in the local establishments.


S. / Hace over 5 years

The ALL INCLUSIVE HOTELS are benefiting the most. Also, how is the Tourist Tax regulated at the Hotels?. When do they pay it to the Hacienda ? How is the amounts checked. How long do the Hotels keep the Tax money, before it is paid ? Tourists in All Inclusive Hotels DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY OUTSIDE the Hotel.. The rest of the Islands businesses, will suffer great revenue losses.