While all-inclusive package holidays are often slammed by businesses in resorts, it must be said that for some families on a budget they offer the opportunity of a cheap holiday in the sun. It also must be said that Majorca, and especially Palma, is no longer cheap: some families would be amazed to discover that dinner for four at a relatively average Palma restaurant will cost the same as their all-inclusive package holiday.

I do think that in some part of Palma businesses are getting rather carried away with their prices. A degree of price control needs to be introduced sooner rather than later. This handful of businesses are trying to cash in on the cruise ship market. Paying in excess of three euros for a soft drink is an outrage. I think the Balearic government needs to look at pricing and setting a maximum and a minimum price for drinks. It is quite amazing that you can pay anything from one euro to 3.50 for a beer. Tourists and residents alike want value for money.