I admire Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary. He has revolutionised air travel and has built Ryanair into the biggest airline in Europe. I have met him once, which was at a press launch in Palma, and I was impressed. O'Leary said this week that politicians who are now working on taking the UK out of the European Union are "headless chickens" who have "no idea where they’re going to finish up".

The statement was delivered in the usual O'Leary style, but I am getting rather concerned that the British government is slightly out of its depth and doesn't really know what to do. There are, for instance, the delaying tactics. Why delay Britain's departure? The public have had their say so now Theresa May and her government should ensure that Britain leaves sooner rather than later. That is what the European Union wants. So why wait? The sooner Britain leaves, the sooner Britain can start signing all those trade agreements the government and the "Leave" camp keep talking about.

As I said in this space earlier this week, until Britain leaves or stays in the single market under different conditions we will not know the economic impact of the referendum result. It was always said that the "Leave" camp did not really have a plan. They must now show that they can deliver on their promises. O'Leary is no fool. He is a top businessman and he says what most people are thinking.