Following the referendum result there were obviously some major concerns, especially amongst British citizens living overseas. But these fears were then eased by reports that little or nothing would change for two years or more. However, there is plenty of worry out there, especially amongst the travel industry. Reports that British citizens may need visas to holiday on the European continent is just one of the headaches.

The British travel industry will be holding a series of meetings and conferences on the impact of the British pullout at the forthcoming World Travel Market tourism fair in London later this year. The industry fears that the British holiday market could be hit. I do not really believe that anything is going to change but it really depends how helpful the European Union is going to be towards Britain.

There are obviously going to be the threats in that some members of the EU will try and make life difficult for Britain and its citizens. It must be remembered that there is little sympathy for Britain in some parts of the EU since the announcement of the pullout. Britain does not want to accept the free movement of labour, which is going to be one of the stumbling blocks in the forthcoming round of talks. There are going to be major challenges ahead and basically there are still big reasons to be concerned.