Why has it taken the hoteliers the best part of six months to mount a legal challenge to the controversial tourist tax? Surely it is just going to add to the confusion. Local hoteliers had a golden opportunity to launch legal proceedings when the tax was first announced before the start of the summer season. They failed to do so and the tax was introduced with little or no problem. In fact I was quite amazed. Not a single major complaint. Tourists quietly paid it and already an estimated 30 million euros have been raised. End of story.

Well, not quite. Local hoteliers have now decided to "put the boot in" and take action. If the court rules in their favour, the Balearic government may have to return the money which has been raised to so far. It will also send out all the wrong messages. Why don't hoteliers try and work with the government rather than fight them? Surely it makes sense.

It is a nightmare situation. The most powerful local business group opposed to the Balearic government's key policy at a time when the majority of tourists have accepted the situation. I do not really understand what hoteliers think that they can gain from this stunt. Throw the industry into turmoil? One thing is very clear, the Balearic government is not going to scrap the tourist unless they are ordered to do so by a judge. So, we are set for a major battle which could divide the industry.


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daver / Hace over 5 years

I paid the tax this year. Didn't complain out loud, but I really would prefer to give the money to the local economy. The €58 that we spent on this would help my " in resort " friends. Its still quite vague as to where the money will be spent. Speculation regarding improving water supplies is one thing, action is another. I still cant help but feel that the tax will be lining someone's pockets or being spent solely in Palma. Maybe a way forward is too tax the super yachts and super rich much more. But of course.. the idea is to force the less well off tourist to holiday elsewhere.


Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

The major hotel groups true colours were exposed when the Panama Papers came out. They don't want to pay taxes like the rest of little people. And now this... They are a bunch of crooks.