The airport bus service to the resorts is a fantastic idea and really I believe that the Balearic government should simply weather the storm of protests being planned by taxi drivers. But I would say that the local government shouldn't get too carried away because this service already exists. There is the airport shuttle service to the Plaza España where there are bus services which link all the resorts on the island. Granted this will be a direct service which will be more user-friendly but it does exist in another form so the cabbies should perhaps relax slightly and think of the good of the tourist industry.

I have also been amazed at all the fuss which is being made about the fact that a foreign bus company may operate the routes. Well good morning and welcome to the European Union. Under European law the contract must be open to all European companies. In the European bloc there is no such thing as a foreign company if it comes from a member state. Those who object to a non-Majorcan but European company being awarded the contract must follow the Donald Trump theory of business sentiment. Majorca first! What I would suggest to the local government is that they need to start promoting the bus service so that tourists do not discover it by accident or once they have already caught a taxi. This is a step forward, the only low point is that it should have been introduced years ago. We must help tourists get to the island and to the resorts.