Full marks to the House of Lords for sounding the alarm bells over Brexit. The government's defeat in the upper house rather ruined the party for Theresa May. The vote in the Lords came just a few days after warnings on Brexit from former prime ministers John Major and Tony Blair. My two biggest worries on Brexit are the impact on the British economy and the fate of European Union workers in Britain and British citizens living in Europe. Both Blair and Major have indicated that while the British public voted to leave the European Union they were not really aware of all the pitfalls. And there are plenty. Perhaps the British government should use the defeat in the Lords to have a "cooling-off" period in which all the latest developments regarding Brexit can be properly digested by the British public.

It is such a shame that the opposition Labour party is not in a better position to challenge the government on Brexit. The government needs to be held to account and shouldn't be able to rush into a deal with the European Union which is bad for all. May is set to trigger Article 50 later this month but I would say that still the British public are in the dark over the possible consequences. British citizens living in Spain and elsewhere are concerned about their future. I have seen reports that some who live on mainland Spain are planning to return to the United Kingdom. Don't rush any deal, prime minister, give everyone time.