Full marks to the House of Lords for sounding the alarm bells over Brexit. The government's defeat in the upper house rather ruined the party for Theresa May. The vote in the Lords came just a few days after warnings on Brexit from former prime ministers John Major and Tony Blair. My two biggest worries on Brexit are the impact on the British economy and the fate of European Union workers in Britain and British citizens living in Europe. Both Blair and Major have indicated that while the British public voted to leave the European Union they were not really aware of all the pitfalls. And there are plenty. Perhaps the British government should use the defeat in the Lords to have a "cooling-off" period in which all the latest developments regarding Brexit can be properly digested by the British public.

It is such a shame that the opposition Labour party is not in a better position to challenge the government on Brexit. The government needs to be held to account and shouldn't be able to rush into a deal with the European Union which is bad for all. May is set to trigger Article 50 later this month but I would say that still the British public are in the dark over the possible consequences. British citizens living in Spain and elsewhere are concerned about their future. I have seen reports that some who live on mainland Spain are planning to return to the United Kingdom. Don't rush any deal, prime minister, give everyone time.


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Daver / Hace over 4 years

I'm by no means fluent in Spanish and would love to see UH translated. I would also welcome more news from the North of the island. It appears that most reporters transport terminates at Inca. Unless it involves ice cream news.


David / Hace over 4 years

Simon I respect your opinion but for me the MDB could be so much more, not only for Brits but anyone who speaks English. MDB, as I am sure you know if you read UH and Diario, carries only a fraction of stories re what is going on here and as pointed out by other readers, the editorials are also singularly narrow minded. I am sure that many ex pats here would like more detailed reporting on the island. You and I can read it in the local language but many cannot. So they get a very focused view, usually on the 3 subjects mentioned below...I was not joking about translating UH. Regardless of the foreign journalists, we should be reading local news delivered by locals to gain a better understanding of where we live and, dare I say it, how we can improve our collective lot [see my past postings on 7 day opening, island destruction, greedy dinero negro types, Brit louts and rip off merchants, giving back more to the poor, etc etc]


Simon Tow / Hace over 4 years

Sorry, I have got to disagree with that opinion.

Considering the size of the english speaking populatioon, we are lucky to have a paper like the DB. It has some excellent journalists and people, such as Andrew Ede, Ray Fleming, Andrew Valente, Frank Leavers, Barbara Bouchet, the people who live in Pollensa, Soller and Mancor, plus many others who contribute in making it an interesting and more often than not, a satisfying read.

My Spanish is also good, but that doesn´t stop me from reading the DB as often as I can.


Dave / Hace over 4 years

Henry, spot on. MDB has a tiny audience and is aimed at their tiny minds, however. And before the 'you don't need to read it then' crew start off, consider that some of us read it for fun. Not information, and Jason is so mis-guided in his views that he is fun. I happen to speak Spanish so I am OK but my suggestion would be for Serra to close MDB and just translate Ultima Hora...they would probably make more money. And maybe keep Jason on as a cub reporter.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Here you go again on one of your three pet subjects:number one,brexit,number two,how great Palma is and number three,7 days a week shopping. You are like a broken record,will you give all three a rest and move on and find a different subject.


Mark / Hace over 4 years

I think you are wide of the Mark here Jason. Yes, the House of Lords has fulfilled its constitutional duty but the amendment they sent back to the House of Commons will almost certainly be defeated. Why should the government commit to securing the rights of EU citizens in the UK when the remaining EU countries will give no such commitment? Rest assured, we will be fine as it's in everyone's interests that rights are preserved. I'm confident that all will be resolved without us giving away a major bargaining chip before negotiations have even started.


Mike / Hace over 4 years

THE LORDS don't you mean jobs for the boys they are has beens that nobody is the slightest bit interested in and the sooner Teresa may gets rid the better, whatever their opinion on brexit it is of no interest to anyone only the tree hugging do gooders , article 50 Will be triggered this month ,we are not interested in the foreigners here they know where the airports are and I'm sure we could have a whip round for some rubber boats for those claiming benefits


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

Any more digesting will give them indigestion and make them sick ( and tired ) of pundits treating them like imbeciles.