The tourist season is about to get underway and the island is on course for yet another record season. In fact, it has got to a point that the local authorities no longer need to promote the island during the summer months; Majorca simply sells itself. But this can be dangerous because it could mean that everyone just sits back in the knowledge that the island will always be a successful tourist resort.

Initial forecasts show that many tourists are still concerned about the security problems in north Africa and resorts in the eastern Mediterranean and for this reason many are coming here. This is one of the reasons why Majorca is on course for a record season. But the island still needs to promote itself at the world trade fairs, especially winter tourism. The record seasons of late have meant that little or nothing is said about winter tourism any more. It has been quietly forgotten.

But, as I have said in this space on countless occasions, Majorca could easily be a 12-month-of-the-year holiday destination. If this were the case it would help ease some of the pressure on the key summer months. It is rather sad that some of the top holiday resorts become ghost towns in the winter, especially when I suspect there are many tourists who would be interested in coming here if only the hotels were open and there were more winter flights.

So Majorca can look ahead to the summer with confidence. The tourists are coming but don't take them for granted.