I am not in favour of the Brexit referendum so can we have another vote, please? The result may not have been to my liking but I believe in democracy above all, and therefore the Brexit result must stand because a majority of British people voted for it. Perhaps Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, should also do the same. Scotland had a referendum on independence two years ago and it was rejected; the people of Scotland, quite rightly, voted to stay part of the United Kingdom. But two years later and Sturgeon is demanding another referendum because the Scottish people voted to stay in Europe unlike their English and Welsh counterparts.

But this was democracy at work again. The people voted and the result must stand. Sturgeon should also make it clear to the Scottish people that it is very unlikely that an independent Scotland would be able to join the European Union because of the Spanish veto. So wouldn't it be better for Sturgeon to work with the London government and try and help secure the best possible deal from the European Union instead of just playing politics at a crucial time not only for Scotland but the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe as well? The opinion polls say that Scotland is not in favour of independence. The Scottish people, like a sizeable part of the United Kingdom, voted to stay in the Europen Union. But they lost. A majority wanted to leave the European Union. That is democracy at work.


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Simon Tow / Hace over 4 years

Of course you do, but unfortunately it's not going to happen.


james thomson / Hace over 4 years


I agree wholeheartedly with your second paragraph!


Simon Tow / Hace over 4 years

Mr Thomson,

In other words, and if your figures are correct, if Scotland hadn´t been part of the UK when the referendum took place, the vote to leave would have been even larger.

In regards to your comments about the Tory party, the sooner the Scots are not able to vote on policies that relate to the rest of the UK i.e. England, when the rest of the UK can´t vote on policies that affect Scotland, the better.

Kind regards


S. / Hace over 4 years

Thank you for the rejection of my comments.


james thomson / Hace over 4 years

In the democratic process the majority have a responsibility to respect the minority views as well as their own, and this is especially true when the majority is small.

The EU referendum resulted in a small majority to leave the EU, across England and Wales. The majority view in scotland (64%) has not been taken into account in any manner. Instead we are heading for a hard exit, for which there was no mandate.

The 48% across the UK that voted to remain in the EU, including the 64% in Scotland are having their voices completely ignored - of course they will try to find alternative ways to have their views represented.

The sooner Scotland stops being ruled over my a Tory party that has virtually no support in Scotland, the better.