Well that's it then. Thank you and goodnight. And it is goodnight because British citizens living abroad, especially in the European Union, are in the dark. Prime minister Theresa May may have triggered Article 50 but there was no mention of the status of British citizens abroad. Now, obviously until the negotiations are complete we are still European Union citizens but the clock is ticking and no one really has any idea of our future status outside the European Union.

So what next? We must wait for two years; probably even longer to know if or not we have a future in Spain. This is an outrageous state of affairs. British citizens living abroad didn't get the vote in the referendum even though they are the people who will be most affected by the outcome. May did mention European Union citizens living in Britain but there was no word about British citizens in the European Union.

I sincerely hope that a deal can be struck rapidly and our status becomes clearer. I know of many British citizens living in Spain who are planning to take out Spanish nationality. They are probably right. If you have made Spain your home you obviously want some security and want to know where you stand. At the moment we are not standing anywhere. Our standing in Spain is so unclear there are plenty of rumours flying around about how Brexit will hit our future prosperity. Yesterday marked the end of an era.