A multi-million euro industry, with a multinational workforce, which is a big bread winner for the Balearics but gets little credit? Any guesses which industry this is? Well, the nautical industry of course. Much is spoken about the tourist industry and even the construction sector but the nautical industry doesn't often make the headlines despite the fact that it generates many millions of euros for the local economy. And it will continue to grow in importance, but obviously the industry needs help.

The Balearic government should consider promoting the Balearics as an ideal place for nautical tourism at all the major international fairs. It could also work closely with the major players in the nautical industry to establish ways in which the industry could develop in the Balearics. It is quite incredible how important the nautical sector is for the Balearics, you just have to walk around the Palma Boat Show to see how important it has become for the islands.

Last summer the headline "Majorca, the superyacht island" appeared on numerous occasions in the Bulletin. Yes, some of the biggest and finest yachts in the world were all heading to our shores and obviously we hope that this state of affairs continues. So, the local authorities need to work closely with the industry. The Balearic government is always talking about taking the tourist industry up-market. There is a great example of up-market tourism just in front of Balearic government HQ, the Palma Boat Show. Just open the window and see!