Britain is facing a nightmare scenario if the polls are to be believed. If there is no overall winner and there is a hung parliament, then what happens to the Brexit negotiations? Theresa May called this general election so she would have a clear mandate to negotiate with the European Union. At the time she was heading for a landslide victory, but now - if you believe the polls - she is facing defeat. If she fails to secure an overall majority, then she is leaving the door open for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn to form a coalition government with either the pro-European Union Liberal Democrats or the Scottish Nationalists. Both, for their support, will demand second referendums on European Union membership or Scottish independence.  And both parties have said that they would consider a pact with Labour but not the Conservatives.

So where has it all gone wrong for Theresa May? Well, The Economist rather sums it up by saying that May has been illiberal, indecisive and insular during the short election campaign. Lets face it, Theresa May was rather an unknown quantity; she had been Home Secretary but she had been on the sidelines. The British public came to see May during the election campaign and they haven't been impressed, if the polls are to be believed. Corbyn, on the other hand, has struck a chord with the electorate. Now, the polls could be wrong, but if they are right Britain is facing an even bigger shock than the Brexit result.


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S. / Hace over 4 years

Should Labour be elected, etc. Then the Brexit negotiations will deteriorate into chaos. Any further Referenda, would cause Great Britain to degenerate into total confusion. BUT, here is a lateral thought. Did May call an Election, because she was getting considerable grief from leaders in both the UK, and Europe?. Therefore, allowing Corbyn et al, to make a complete mess of Brexit etc., and Labour taking all the blame for failing GB., should they be elected.