Britain is under attack; three outrageous terror attacks in the space of two months. Yesterday, Theresa May clashed with Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, over cuts to the police force. Yes, May, when she was Home Secretary, was responsible for a cut in police numbers but also it must be remembered that it wasn't too long ago that a senior member of the Labour Party and ally of Jeremy Corbyn was calling for Special Branch and MI5 to be scrapped.

I would say that they are both missing the point. Britain needs more police officers but they must be armed to counter the terror threat. The days when Britain could be policed by unarmed officers are over. Now, some will say that armed officers will encourage more criminals and terrorists to carry weapons but I think the only way to ensure Britain is a safer place is to arm the police like their counterparts across the West.

There is also a role for the British army helping their police counterparts. Specialist officers from elite special forces units have been used before and now need to be deployed again. The terror threat which Britain is facing is not going to go away. May is right when she says that "enough is enough" but now is the time for bold action. The police need to be at the forefront on the war on terror but they need the tools to do the job. Some will say that it is outrageous to have armed officers and soldier on the streets of Britain but we face an outrageous situation.