‘A tourist, a friend’ is campaign which was introduced by Palma town hall during the middle 1990s. It is a campaign which is still very relevant today, especially when it comes to driving and hire cars. I am amazed at some of the treatment the drivers of hire cars receive from local motorists. Rather than trying to help them and make their driving experience slightly easier, some drivers go out of their way (or at least it seems that they do) to "bully" them.

It can't be easy getting off a plane from Germany or Britain and then find yourself driving a car in the middle of the Via Cintura or even the airport motorway. Some drivers give them a wide berth and also attempt to help them out. Others do not, I am afraid. In fact, a small minority appear to try and make their life difficult as they attempt to navigate local roads they do not know.

I am getting rather bored of seeing local motorists shouting or complaining about drivers in hire cars. They may not know their way around Majorca, but remember if the boot was on the other foot I am sure that many local motorists would have trouble driving along roads in Germany and Britain. At this time of the year there are obviously plenty of hire cars on the road. The drivers need help not shouts. We must remember that if it wasn’t for tourism this island would not enjoy the great standard of living it has. Remember, tourists also drive cars!