There have been hours and hours, days, if not weeks and months spent talking about it, but bar a possible cap on holiday rentals, little less has been done to crackdown on anti-social and irresponsible tourism.

Yes, the likes of the Melià group have invested millions of private money in improving their facilities and encouraging the return of family tourism to the likes of Magalluf, but the public sector has come nowhere near the effort or investment being made by the private sector.

Well, perhaps Majorca’s conflict tourism zones should take a leaf out of Crete’s book. The Greek holiday resort of Malia has banned 10,000 British tourists in order to attract more families because the Greek party resort wants more holidaymakers from other parts of Europe.

Malia has reportedly blocked the bookings from the UK in a bid to attract more families, mainly from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The popular resort in Crete, which rakes in six million hotel and resort bookings each year, wants to deter large groups of British tourists travelling to the island for stag parties and party holidays. Mayor of Malia, Zacharias Doxastakis, told the Sunday Express that he promised to clamp down on drunken Brits’ "wretched antics" turning the Greek holiday island into a "battlefield".

Sounds familiar to what the new mayor of Palma has said. Whether he will do the same, we will see.