Over the past few weeks, as the island appeared to buckle under the pressure of another record season which it did not seem to be prepared for, we have received a flood of emails and FB posts from holidaymakers who are not going to be coming back to Majorca.

A host of reasons have been cited - the tourist tax, long queues at passport control, expensive bar and restaurant prices and the anti-tourism uprising which has not gone unnoticed and is still playing out in the global media. The whole situation seems to be chaotic and no one appears to be getting a grip on the situation.

On Tuesday night, a reader called me from the airport. He and his wife, regular visitors to the island, were booked on a charter flight back to Scotland. He said that they had followed all the latest advice and got to the airport three hours before take-off.

Trouble was that the check-in, which is the case with many airlines, was not going to open until two hours prior to departure, so the couple had a whole hour to wait or rather, as the husband put it, "waste".

Challenges and hurdles are always going to pop up in every walk of life, but the trick is to have people in place to properly solve the problem. Getting thousands of people to the airport an hour before they can check in is not the solution; they still have to go through passport control and security.