Sadly we have seen security attacks across Europe and even more sadly after every attack the same question is always asked - if only? In the case of Barcelona if only the Ramblas had security barriers then the attack could have been averted. I am afraid to say that security barriers now have to be installed at areas across Europe where security services suspect that an attack is likely. This is the only way that attacks like the one in Barcelona can be stopped. We must make it difficult for terrorists to carry out their evil acts. Vehicle blocking devices are needed everywhere. There is no easy solution. The only thing that we can do is to try and protect ourselves because it is almost impossible to stop a person hiring or stealing a vehicle and then committing a horrific act like the one seen in Barcelona and elsewhere across Europe.

But I as have said in this space on numerous occasions I do believe that there is a role for the army in helping the police and other security services. In these days of terrorist attacks the army could easily help the police by protecting secondary buildings and installations so that specialised police officers could be used to fight terrorism. Also, European security services need to work together and share information. Europe has a common enemy which knows no borders. Perhaps a European anti-terrorism unit could be formed. But, above all, it is now evident that terrorism is with us to stay in Europe, so we need to be prepared.