At a time when there has been a backlash against tourism in some parts of Spain, it might be a good idea to remind those responsible of the importance of tourism to the Spanish economy. In fact, it could be said that tourism is keeping the wolves from the door when it comes to the Spanish economy. In July this year Spain was visited by more than 10 million tourists who spent an average of 1,132 euros during their stay here. This was an increase of 5.6 per cent. Tourists alone spent almost 9,000 million euros in the Balearics. So, it is clear: without tourism Spain would struggle. In fact it has been suggested that tourists helped Spain recover from recession. Tourism is one of the principal industries in the country and it needs to be safeguarded not hampered in any way.

Now, I do understand the protests; yes it sometimes does feel that there are too many tourists and of course the island is packed in the peak summer months. But it is a small price to pay for our livelihood. Take Majorca. This island enjoys an excellent standard of living thanks to all the revenue from holidaymakers. Tourists are now actively contributing to the economy apart from what they spend whilst on holiday. The tourist tax will raise in excess of 120 million euros for the local economy next year. So remember without tourism Spain would suffer. My advice is to welcome all holidaymakers with opened arms. They make sure we have a bright future.