Could someone in authority in Spain please wake up and open their eyes before the dispute in Catalonia escalates even further and plunges Spain into an even deeper crisis? The referendum which took place in Catalonia on Sunday had already been declared illegal and therefore it was rather pointless. The Spanish government could have sat back and just allowed the poll to take place and then declared it illegal. End of story. Instead, the government sent in the riot police from across Spain and tried to stop it using methods which have been slammed as being heavy-handed. Why? the result was meaningless, there was no need for riot police, there was no need for violence which was broadcast across the globe.

The battle for independence in Catalonia is now headline news across the globe. And still the dispute continues to escalate. King Felipe did nothing to ease the tension with his televised broadcast on Tuesday. Yes of course the referendum was illegal and against the constitution but at the same it was a group of people expressing their views in a democratic country. There was no mention of the injured as a result of the intervention by police in the King's speech, it was a broadcast which stuck firmly to the government line which got Spain into this mess in the first place. What is needed now are cool heads. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy must show leadership and resolve this dispute through dialogue not by using police batons.