As much as I disagree with Brexit I can't see it causing the meltdown in Britain which many suggest. I sincerely doubt that our lives in Spain will be directly affected by Britain's decision to leave the European Union. I do see many hurdles ahead for the British economy but overall I suspect that the lives of expatriate Britons will be very much the same. Britain and Spain will reach an accord which will mean that the many rights which we enjoy at the moment from free health care to employment without a work permit will continue. It must be remembered that thousands of Spaniards live in Britain so the chances of a deal are high.

Of some concern, though, is the impact on the British economy. It appears that thousands of banking jobs will be lost to competing financial centres in Europe and also there are question marks over the future of foreign-owned factories in Britain if Britain leaves the single market. Then there is the small issue of the pound. Any future reduction in its value will have a direct impact on the travel industry. Probably resolving the issue of citizens' rights is the easiest question to find an answer for, and talks are already well advanced. The concern on this issue is what will happen to British citizens moving to the European Union after Brexit. Will they need visas? Will they need work permits? This is why it is so important for British citizens to get their paperwork in order before Brexit actually takes place.