The local authorities are doing an excellent job in trying to promote the island as a winter holiday destination and their long-term goal is for all the island to be open for business 12 months a year including Christmas. But obviously they face an uphill struggle. Perhaps the authorities could also turn their attention to trying to persuade the resident expatriate population to stay on the island over the winter and especially at Christmas. Every expat Brit I know appears to be planning to return to Britain over the Christmas period. It appears that they can’t get off the island quick enough. It is one of the reasons why all the Christmas bazaars take place so early on the island: because many expats are heading "home" for Christmas.

I have never really understood why so many Britons, who have made their life on the island, call Britain home. It may be their country of origin but surely home is where you live. Many years ago the British news section of this newspaper was called "Home News". One of the first things I did when I was appointed editor was to change our local news section to "Home News" and the British news section became "international news." I was quite proud of this move. I consider this island home and I think anyone who loves Majorca and who lives here should do the same. I know there is an old saying which states that home is where the heart is but there is no better place for Christmas than at home in Majorca.