In the days when tourism was being pioneered to Majorca I suspect that one of the travel companies would have organised a special flight or a package holiday to see the Christmas lights being turned on. Yes, the festive lights in the city are very impressive and yes I am sure that many tourists would love to come and see them if they could get here. Perhaps one of the problems of the travel industry is that it has become too inflexible. We may have no-frills airlines and easy-to book-holidays but it is a pretty rigid industry. End of the season and end of the flights- so really there is little happening until the season starts again in February.

But there is plenty happening on the island. There are the Christmas lights, the Three Kings parade and much more. It wasn't too long ago that tourists would actually come here on holiday for Christmas with a number of hotels being open in the resorts. All this has now changed, which is a pity. Granted that the local authorities are making a big effort to promote the joys of Majorca during the winter and also British tour operators are promoting the island low season. But perhaps more imagination is needed from the local authorities. Christmas in Palma is fantastic and there is plenty happening. The resorts are ghost towns but the capital is booming. We must turn the clock back and start promoting Palma as a festive destination. It is a great shame that more people can’t enjoy the lights and the festive feeling.