There is a certain buzz around Majorca this festive period. It is buzz of joy and spending. I think this Christmas will see the islands finally leaving behind the recession and consumers regaining their confidence once again after the cruel and horrible financial meltdown of seven years ago. While Spain left recession some time ago, consumers were still not ready to spend. The memories of the recession were still too clear and close. Thousands of people lost their homes and thousands more lost their jobs when Spain was rocked by its biggest economic slowdown almost in history. But it was a pleasure to walk around Palma on Sunday; the shops were open, people were out and the city centre looked superb. I would say that the retail sector must be on course for one of its best festive periods for many years.

Majorca has enjoyed three successive recording-breaking holiday seasons. And you can tell how well the industry is doing; hotel staff will see their salaries rising by 30 per cent over the next five years. I remember one veteran department store director telling me that you could always tell whether Majorca had enjoyed a good holiday season by how much people spent over the Christmas period. I must say that the Palma city council deserve praise for all their hard work in bringing some festive cheer to the city. Majorca is set for a fantastic Christmas. It is just a shame that more people will not be able to enjoy it due to the lack of flights.