The battle is raging, plastic has become the scourge of the environment and lots of people, in particular some huge media organisations, are suddenly championing the cause and claiming the merits for having brought the threat it poses to our attention, something environmentalists have been doing so for decades.

Right, so we now know that even the smallest of marine life on our tables this Christmas will contain plastic, along with a number of other food items. We may be looking on, or discussing this, as we grab the two little plastic bottles of water or soft drink to either enjoy alone or as a mixer. However, as we delve our arms into the fridge door, fumbling past the beers, we probably will not notice that there will be juices, soups and a host of other liquids and condiments stored in cardboard containers - Tetra Brik may come to mind - but the first ever 100 per cent ecological paper water bottle has recently been launched and won awards across the globe.

Obviously, for sporting events, alternative bottles may throw up a few challenges, but every problem has a solution if there is genuine interest. How often do we get up in the middle of the night and slouch to the fridge and knock back some juice or milk out of a cardboard container? So, why would you not purchase and consume water in a similar way?