In my opinion one of the most important benefits of being members of the European Union is the vote in the local elections in the Balearics. Granted we have limited voting powers (only in municipal and European elections), but obviously it is better than nothing. It appears more than likely that we will continue to retain the vote when Britain leaves the European Union. Having the vote allows British citizens to have their say in council elections which is vital.

Now, initially it had appeared that we would lose our voting rights because of Brexit. But these fears appear to be unfounded and it seems that British citizens will not see their rights altered in any way after Brexit. However, what is not clear is what will happen to British citizens who move to Spain after Brexit; but that is a different story.

I have always felt it is rather sad that there is not a bigger turnout amongst British citizens in local elections. Usually it is just 20 per cent of the electorate. I sincerely hope that the fear of actually losing the vote shortly after the Brexit referendum will persuade more British citizens to vote in the local elections, which are due to take place next year.

While Britain may be pulling away from Europe, there are still more than one million British citizens living on the continent. Their voice needs to be heard loud and clear. Britain is leaving the European Union not Europe, and British citizens still have a vital role to play. The vote is of crucial importance to British citizens.


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S.O. / Hace over 4 years

There are supposedly 800,000 British people living in Spain of which only just over 300,000 are registered so as Henry says half a million under the radar, not paying their taxes etc. Maybe they will be forced to leave after Brexit and it will serve them right!


keith / Hace over 4 years

Nice one Henry and about that dead horse . I vote but can see why other people do not .I see all the so called political parties and the way they conduct themselves and they are a disgrace to their profession . What i cannot get my head around is the fact that people are all ways running the country down instead of just getting on with making us great again . Keep up the good work Henry and get ready for the thumbs down


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

So only one in five can actually be bothered to get of their backsides and vote,you are clearly flogging a dead horse. As to your figures of OVER ONE MILLION British citizens living on the continent,if you mean in Spain and it's islands,the UK Foreign Office say that there are just over 306.000 UK citizens living in Spain and registered as living in Spain so it would seem that either your figures are way out or that there are hundreds of thousands of UK citizens living under the radar,unregistered in Spain.