I am starting to believe that Britain will never leave the European Union and the last two years have just been a period of worthless uncertainty and economic decline. There doesn’t appear to be the political will to make the step and just leave. The problem is that all Britain’s political leaders want to stay. Theresa May voted "stay" and so did Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. However, they both rather sat on the fence during the referendum campaign. Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable is bitterly opposed to leaving the EU and so are the Scottish Nationalists. So, the only political leader who is in favour of leaving the European Union is Nigel Farage!

Now, 18 million people voted to leave the European Union but was it a vote against Europe or a vote against immigration? I suspect that May will have little or no option but to call an election this year. It will be a poll which will be fought over Brexit but I can’t see May staying in power. Perhaps a coalition between Labour/Liberal Democrats/SNP is on the cards and this would be an end to any Brexit dreams. Farage himself is calling for another referendum and he says that the Leave camp will win again. I am not so sure. I believe that in the end Britain will remain a part of the European Union but on a smaller scale. This is probably the best compromise deal which is available. Breaking away from the European Union was a nice idea but did anyone really think it through? Well, probably not!


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John Little / Hace over 4 years

Ok a vote is a vote and as democrats we are stuck with it No one is allowed to change their mind - ever, so remember that fact brexiteers when the st*t hits the fan. We will sail forward as a great nation, backed by our world class navy and vast merchant fleet, supported in trade by a loyal and welcoming commonwealth - just like we did in the 19th and 20th centuries. Our club of one will knock the socks off those other outdated trading blocks such as the EU, NAFTA,AFTA and MERCOSUR. The EU has become the most powerful trading bloc in the world with a GDP nearly as large as that of the United States, and we are leaving it. But never mind, the EU countries, our nearest neighbours, will be queuing up to give us trade terms better than we ever had before - so we will be better off won't we ? They are only 27 and we are one so they had better buckle down and see which side their croissants are buttered on. In fact as we become more and more successful I am sure many of them will be asking to join our club - don`t you think? Finally, as a democrat, I presume that in a couple of years when I vote for the next government I can vote for one that wants to have another referendum, get the result I want and start the mind-numbing process of trying to get back into a club that no longer wants us.


Tom / Hace over 4 years

Richard is another remoaner who wants his football team to play until it gets the result he wants we are out get a life and get on with it best thing we ever did another one who wants to be spoon fed and not fend for himself !


Andreas / Hace over 4 years

BINO (Brexit In Name Only)


Max / Hace over 4 years

The Editor mentions recent economic decline. What planet is he living on? The FTSE is at record highs!


Richard / Hace over 4 years

What is it with these respondents that they get so upset. Is no one allowed an opinion that differs from thier's and if they have the temerity to actually have one, then they are subject to amazing outbursts of such a vitriolic nature. Brexit was and still is an emotional subject, the winners forget that they only won by a relatively small margin and constantly ignore the opinion of the 48% who voted to remain. They are obviously scared witless to run another vote and will do anything they can to oppose those who think a vote on the result of the UK Government's negociations would be a good idea. If to leave is such a beneficial thing they should'nt be so nervous about the chance of a 'did you really mean it' vote. In the meantime, can I suggest that voicing opinions not be derided in such an impolite manner whatever side of the argument the opinion might be on.


TGNT / Hace over 4 years

Jason, quite a hormonal rant, we hope you feel better after that outpouring of your personal view. One small but important point, the political party leaders don’t really count as the UK electorate have the vote and like it or not they voted to leave. It’s called democracy.


ken scamp / Hace over 4 years

Keep on ranting Jason. We will leave and save £165m a week (net). This alone is a good enough reason without repeating all the old arguments!


Mike / Hace over 4 years

He’s not even a reporter what I have noticed about this bloke his stories are taken direct from sky news with a few words changed take a closer look ,,!


MelB / Hace over 4 years

Thank you Henry James for saving me typing time. Why this man, who very recently affirmed that this island is his home, should continually go on his Brexit rant is beyond me. What is more his weak disjointed narrative only exposes a complete lack of knowledge on the subject.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

We are leaving weather you like it or not and continually stating your opposition to a democratic vote taken in the UK in a newspaper that has a far smaller circulation than most local newspapers in the UK is not going to change that.