A lot can be learnt from history, but it appears that few people look back and learn from the past, be it recent or very distant, or even from their neighbouring countries. (That includes Europe.)

I was pleasantly surprised about the hysteria grabbing the UK about a pilot scheme to return plastic bottles to machines in supermarkets and receive vouchers or cash discounts in return. The idea is that people in England will soon have to pay a deposit when they buy drinks bottles and cans in a bid to boost recycling and cut waste. The deposit will increase prices - but consumers will get the money back if they return the container. The scheme is expected to cover single-use glass and plastic bottles, and steel and aluminium cans. Full details are subject to consultation and yet to be decided, including how big the deposit will be. But costs in similar schemes elsewhere range from 22p in Germany and 8p in Sweden.

Wow! I remember when I was in the States some 40 years ago and heading to the local Walmart with my Mexican uncle Joe to hand over all our empty cans, and any others we could collect, and receive some small change, my pocket money, in return. Everybody was doing it, it was common practice and prior to that my mother remembers doing the same with empty jam jars in the UK. If we had carried on, we wouldn’t be in the once comfortable and convenient plastic mess we are.


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Make us welcome / Hace over 3 years

Although it is nice to reminisce with you i would have thought there is more important things to focus on like the tourist tax rip of , tourist go home , not being made welcome no more etc etc . Fact ,tourist tax in Majorca for 4 in May 92.40 euros ,in Costa Dorada 0.00 . MMM it will be a hard decision .


S. / Hace over 3 years

Yes, many years ago I remember returning glass bottles, and drinks cans, in the UK. However, the residents on the Island are lazy litter louts. Throughout the whole Island there is many forms of littering, and " Fly Tipping ". Some of this litter will be caused by Tourists, who are witnessing the general mess of litter, already thrown down everywhere. When in Mallorca, do what the Mallorcaeans do !.