Palma city council appears to have some rather odd ideas regarding the tourism future of the city. It has started a crackdown on bar and restaurant terraces and a curfew has been introduced in some areas such as La Lonja. I know that it is not nice for residents having to live around what could be described as noisy restaurant terraces but that is one of the disadvantages of living in a hugely popular tourist capital. Let us face it, Palma and everywhere else on this island needs the tourist euros and if they are not forthcoming then we are in big trouble.

The second piece of legislation which has caused some headaches is the ban on holiday rentals in the city. The council decided that flats or apartments couldn’t be rented out to tourists in an effort to free up long-term rentals for residents. This is not a bad idea but the business community are not impressed fearing that they will suffer a major drop in takings. It also broadcasts the wrong message. "Palma doesn’t want tourists..." is the line which is being followed by some sections of the northern European media.

This is far from the case; it is more a case of Palma wanting to put residents first and find a balance. But it has been done in a rather messy way. The council should be aware that the international media is watching and they should not be giving out all the wrong messages. Legislation is needed to safeguard the city but tourists are more than welcome.


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Lizz / Hace over 3 years

I visited Camp de mar beach today and was surprised to see so few people, perhaps the reason was there are no sunbesds out, no parasols and the beach was filthy, shame on Andratx council for this. However the fact remains there were far fewer people than in previous years, perhaps it’s the shape of things to come


RBMM / Hace over 3 years

To Gilly: Why should Mallorca be punished next year for the bad weather this year? Mainland Spain, Portugal and France also have (for the season) very bad weather this year. The North of Europe has fantastic weather since the beginning of May. It is hot - maybe too hot in Germany - so why should the usual crowd of sun & beach tourists go to Mallorca when it is so much better in other places this year?


brett dennis / Hace over 3 years

No reason why tourists should be loud and raucous well into the night. If they had more respect for residents and other human beings, the world would be a better place.


Gilly / Hace over 3 years

I really hate to say this but I wish every tourist would boycott the island for the year 2019. Although, we all have businesses here and we would lose everything. Sometimes I feel this would be the only way to wake up this Left Wing anti tourist government and the expats and residents continually complaining how busy the island is.

In truth this is already happening. Look around you, restaurants empty, staff standing around with nothing to do, the business owner will have to find the monies to pay these staff, pay the utilities, rent etc like in the recession when they had to re-mortgage or sell their own assets to keep their businesses afloat - obviously the good ones in great locations will always be busy.

All of you upset about the high rental prices, soon you may get your wish as businesses will close. Less employment so people will leave the island to seek jobs elsewhere. But does that mean YOU will have a job so you can afford this lifestyle.

History IS going to repeat itself. I just hope many of the business owners can survive it, sadly many will leave the island having lost all their savings.