Another summer and yet again we are at the mercy of air-traffic controllers. Not just the French, who seem to be constantly on strike, but also air-traffic controllers in Barcelona, although it would appear that talks are moving in the direction of industrial action being averted.

But never mind, a small group of air-traffic controllers in their tower in Marseille can and do cause a massive amount of disruption. And, as one leading local politician has pointed out, here in Spain air-traffic controllers have to give sufficient notice of any strike action so alternative arrangements can be made to minimise the knock-on effect. Not so in France; they can down tools, or rather joy sticks, tout de suite.

The word is out that air passengers from the UK and northern Europe will face flight chaos this summer because of the French, not to mention the Spanish once they have made up their minds, and according to local travel agents and hoteliers, people are cancelling their holidays because they simply can't be arsed with all the potential airport chaos that is going to be caused.

I thought the whole idea of the European Union was that every member complied with the same laws. Obviously not, and it makes no difference to British tourists coming to Spain if the UK is in the EU or not, the French will continue to ruin people's holiday plans.

Can't some of the big bananas in Brussels, straight ones of cause, sort this out?


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James / Hace over 3 years

David Jones ,well then they need to buck up don't they,they are snow flakes,most apparent racism isn't racism,its what one says today to shut a conversation down,'oh that's racist' no its never really racist and if people are obese or over weight they should be forced into losing weight,why not ridicule obese people?they have a platform today and think that its good looking to be obese,its not,they are deluded,snow flakes need to get a grip,its bad for their health to be over weight and you are saying I can't ridicule them for their stupidity?I bet you pat them on the back and tell them they look good,people like you are part if their problem, I bet you tell them kids that can't sing to enter x factor only to be taunted for not being able to sing when they are on the stage,you snowflakes are destroying society,do us a favour and shut ya face


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

And yesterday as well.?


keith / Hace over 3 years

Is there any particular reason we can not comment on any articles today ?


David Jones / Hace over 3 years

And,yes.Lawrie.names do hurt,they always have and always will,ask anyone who has endured racist or xenophobic taunts or been on the receiving end of comments about their appearance,size or a thousand and one other things,most of us have thankfully moved on as we have got older and matured,but clearly,not everyone.


David Jones / Hace over 3 years

That is probably because of the racist and derogatory language that you use in your comments,which there is no need for,you can make comments perfectly well without resorting to such language,whatever you choose to call it,it's no longer acceptable.


S. / Hace over 3 years

I am not allowed to comment. The Bulletin Controller of Comments deletes my views.


S. / Hace over 3 years

Thank you for your Viewpoint Comment Humphrey . I have constantly complained about the French ATC Strikes. Though there are those objectors to my Armed Forces description of the French. Every Season these controllers have lightening strikes. There were at least 7 last Summer. The Controllers know they can hold Europe to ransom, by striking, and grounding the whole of Europe. It is time for their Government to effect severe punishments, to stop this Seasonal Action.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Lawrie,my idea of hell would be lying on a beach anywhere,it was indeed,a figurative term. I don't drink either so never use pubs or clubs,I like to see places and take part in activities when I am on holiday but many tourists spend a lot of time on beaches or around pools and if that's what they want,fair play to them but they don't need to come to Majorca to do that.


TG / Hace over 3 years

There are no straight bananas in Brussels, that’s why the EU auditors have not signed off the accounts in the history of the EU.


Lawrie / Hace over 3 years

Ron, you didn't need to elaborate, I can be tongue in cheek as well. I own property on Mallorca and wouldn't dream of going to Blackpool. Went once a number of years ago, never again.